How do your costs compare with other contractors?

We pride ourselves at delivering a high-quality product without cutting corners. As a leading contractor in the area, we're able to leverage our buying power to source quality materials, products and services - and pass those savings on to you. We're not going to be the cheapest contractor, or the most expensive for that matter. But we do promise to deliver a world-class product at the best value for your money.

What do you do to ensure my project will stay on schedule and on budget?

It all begins with our organizational efficiency. Every JR Custom project is guided by a common rule: know the plan before you start the project. That means creating a detailed plan that outlines all the steps and costs up front. We do our best to categorize your priorities and help you understand related costs involved to achieve our plan. Our budgets are greatly detailed, providing a comprehensive breakdown of all construction and finish costs. With the right plan in hand, we're able to stay on task, on budget and on schedule.

Should I pad my budget 20%?

In our opinion, the 20% rule is a crutch used by companies that underbid to win a project, which is something we don't do at JR Custom. We pride ourselves on knowing what it takes to get the job done - so a 20% padding is typically not needed. We do recommend that any uncertainty in finish materials should be considered when finalizing a budget.

How do you deal with budget and design changes in the middle of a project?

We provide an adjusted cost based on the scope of the change. Only after approval from the client, do we proceed with any modification to the project and budget.

Can you do the work in phases so that I can plan and save over time?

In most cases, yes. We can strategically design a project to best fit your needs and budget.

Do you work with designers?

We have relationships with some of the brightest minds in the local design industry. We're careful not to build or renovate based on trend, but on the classic principles of good flow, functional space and the utilization of natural materials.

Can I trust your sub-contractors?

We have over 165 sub-contractors who work full-time with JR Custom. We know every person by name and have an excellent history with each and every one of them. No random worker is ever given access to your home. We're proud of our team and all that they do for our clients.

How can you help me manage and stay on schedule?

We provide weekly updates on all needed materials and next steps. We keep things simple by providing a detailed vendor list, which includes contacts and suppliers for all items needed for any project.

Why should I pick you over another contractor?

We are not your average builder-contractor. We are known for our quality craftsmanship, creative design abilities, attention to architectural detail and, most importantly, our exceptional customer service. We have often said that we care first about our clients and second about their homes.